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All you need is Love

...and a tasty dinner at Divan!

We have got you covered! Celebrate Valentine's at Divan with a special 3-course dinner in a romantic setting. Space is limited. Make your reservation today. 

To make a reservation click here.   

three course dinner & a champagne toast $100 per person

first – choose one

Gluten Free Yogurt Soup |fresh herbs | saffron

Raspberry Salad | baby spinach | feta | roasted almonds| white balsamic

  Lobster Ravioli | fresh parmesan | lemon saffron sauce

Oyster (4pcs) | Saffron shallot


Second- choose one

Verlasso Salmon |oyster mushrooms | parmesan | diced tomatoes | onions | fettuccini


Springer Mtn Saffron Chicken Kabob | basmati rice | barberries | roasted tomato | cucumber yogurt sauce


Two 4oz Creekstone Natural Angus Filet Mignons       

jumbo asparagus| roasted potatoes| tamarind demi glace


Spice Roasted Lamb Chops 

 6 spice potatoes | garlic spinach | sumac gastrique | mint oil


Grilled Lamb T-bone 

basmati jeweled rice | mint demi glace


Third- choose one

Apricot Chocolate Baombe  |apricot glaze | raspberry -sumac coulis


Pistachio Cheesecake |grand cracker crumble | passion fruit -raspberry coulis


Passionate |passion fruit sponge cake | candid grand mariner orange zest | passion fruit - orange sorbet


Tiramisu |raspberry -sumac coulis | cacao nibs



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