Hookah is a centuries-old social tradition that remains to this day an integral part of
Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture. It is an experience that provides
guests with an enticing alternative to the loud music and overcrowded spaces of the bar scene.
Instead, Divan uses the hookah tradition to create a social experience where people can dine in a
relaxed atmosphere. The hookah itself, also known as nargila or sheesha, is an ancient water pipe
that uses a mixture of fruit-flavored molasses and a minimal amount of tobacco. The hookah
compresses smoke through water which acts as a cooling filter. Hookah tobacco contains no tar
and the trace amount of nicotine is filtered out by the water in the base. The hookah can
accommodate anywhere from one to six people. Gathering to smoke hookahs and relax and talk is
the perfect ending to an amazing meal at Divan.

To order a hookah, a minimum of $25 per person is requierd on food or drinks.

Available flavors in Starbuzz premium
exotic apple, Wild berry mint, white peach, white grape, strawberry, irish cream,
cosmopolitan, margarita, fuzzy navel, chocolate mint

Available flavors in Al Fakher
grape, strawberry, double apple, mango, mint